Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Traffic Counts for Master Plan to begin this week

The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC) will conduct a series of daily traffic counts as part of the transportation component of the Master Plan. These counts should begin this week and continue through the month of May. All total, 16 counts will be conducted at various locations throughout town. Traffic data is collected by two black rubber tubes that stretch across the road. Air pulses are triggered when vehicles drive over the tubes that the counters then record. This information can be used to determine the volume of traffic by direction, the speed of the vehicle, and the class of each vehicle (i.e. car, truck, bus, motorcycle, etc.). Traffic counters will be placed on the following roads for approximately 7 days:

  • Route 202 east and west of School Street
  • Route 202 east of North Street
  • Route 116 west of Amherst Road
  • School Street north and south of Route 202
  • Burnett Street
  • Amherst Street south of Route 116
  • Pleasant Street north of Route 202
  • New Ludlow Road
  • Harris Street
  • Fred Ruel Road
  • East Street
  • Brook Street
  • Carver Street
  • Chicopee Street

Recent traffic count data collected by the PVPC and the Granby Police Department will also be used to assess daily traffic volumes at other key locations in town.

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bluehills said...

what about taylor street: it is a county road, a scenic highway and full of horse riders and speeders. someone is going to bee seriously injured or killed where taylor and truby intersect. the highway superintendent cannot see any problem. just wait and see what happens when the town is sued for failing to provide for the safety of its citizens. we need a 3 way stop at that intersection woe to he who does nothing; just you wait!!!!!!!! .